FreshPaper Reviews from! July 27 2015

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n January 16, 2015
I was skeptical when these were first given to me. Now I don't know how I managed to keep fruit and vegetables fresh before. I have purchased these as gifts and Christmas stocking stuffers for family and friends.
on March 29, 2015
I would definitely recommend FreshPaper. I have no idea how it works, but it does work! I have noticed it makes a big difference with strawberries, spinach and most especially with spring mix lettuce that has red lettuce in it. I will not buy spring mix if I don't have FreshPaper in the house because the red lettuce gets so disgusting black and slimy really fast. I put this in the clam shell and it keeps it fresh. Also crucial with raspberries, which I find turn almost as soon as I get them home from the store. I won't buy raspberries unless I have this in the house. When the carton is empty, I put the FreshPaper loose in the veggie drawer for the other veggies in there. I have had to buy FreshPaper at WholeFoods; it's nice to be able to get it on Amazon!
on March 13, 2015
This product has a pleasant, spicy scent. While I enjoy it, I was worried that it would end up making my fruit and vegetables smell funny. I am happy to report that the scent doesn’t transfer at all. Thanks to a lack of marital communication, I unintentionally did a test of this product and have evidence that it works. Recently my husband and I each came home with bags of apples. I put mine in a fruit bowl lined with a sheet of Freshpaper, he put his in a separate bowl. While my family of three loves apples, it took us a while to eat up our combined purchases. Over that time, the apples in the Freshpaper bowl stayed fresh. Several of the other apples got mushy and had to be thrown away. It’s helped extend the life of vegetables in my crisper drawer, also. I can’t wait for farmer’s market season to begin so I can load up on goodies with no fear of waste!
on April 26, 2015
I turn almost everything fresh into Penicillin in my fridge. I don't mean to and I always feel bad about it, but I just don't get to my fruits and veggies fast enough. I found this product and wasn't sure if it would do the trick in helping me preserve my groceries. I was going to just start vacuum sealing my (almost) gone produce, but who really has time for that and this was such a cheap solution if it worked. Well, I am here to say that it definitely works and I definitely get A LOT more time to use the stuff I was rotting before. I use it two ways - underneath a tray of strawberries I always get at Costco (and they don't grow hair or any kind of fuzz because of it), and also in the fridge drawers. One sheet usually lasts about 3 or 4 weeks, maybe longer if I forget to change it, but it is DEFINITELY buying me time to not waste food.
on January 24, 2015
This is an amazing product. It does exactly what it says and keeps berries fresh much longer. It's well worth the money.
on March 13, 2015
Fresh Paper really works to keep fruits and veggies fresh longer! I put the sheets EVERYWHERE...counter top fruit bowl, fridge drawers and inside berry containers and the large bags of lettuce and greens from Costco. I love that 1 sheet or half a sheet keeps a whole bowl fresh, doesn't need to be in direct contact with the fruit. Especially love it for BANANAS, since I like mine on the green side. Now I can buy large bunches of bananas and enjoy them before they turn brown.
on March 14, 2015
Freshpaper gives me more life from my fresh herbs, especially cilantro.
on February 2, 2015
Wow, works to good! Vegetables,and fruit stay fresh longer and the paper last a long time to. Highly recommend to use this product!!!
on March 10, 2015
I'm so glad to know that Amazon now carries Fresh Paper! We are huge berry eaters and really rely on Fresh Paper to keep our berries fresher longer. Gone are the days of moldy strawberries! I cut a sheet in half and stick it in my strawberry clamshell or use a whole sheet in my crisper drawer. We also have a garden and are sometimes overrun with one particular veggie. It's pretty fantastic to know that with Fresh Paper you don't have to eat all the zucchini in one week!
on March 9, 2015
By no means will these stop decay from happening but it slows down the appearance of mold on fruits and seems to keep our baby spinach fresh and crisp longer. I buy produce in bulk at Sams Club because they have some of the best tasting produce around town and at affordable prices. However, we are only a family of three and the produce will often start to show signs of decay before we can finish the container. These papers have made it so that we can finish off the food before it goes bad.