FRESHPAPER Reviews November 01 2019

Thanks to our supporters for all the incredible FreshPaper reviews rolling in means a lot to us to hear how FreshPaper is helping you take on food waste, one sheet at a time!

(You just made FreshPaper the Highest Rated Natural Food Saver on Amazon!!)

THESE ARE FOR REAL!  "I have often wished for a way to make my produce stay fresh longer, and these sheets really work. I highly recommend them." - Betty A. Iams (

❤️❤️❤️ A MUST-ESP DURING VIRUS  “Wasted produce, esp since I live alone, was always an issue. Oftentimes it would rot before I used it all. This product WORKS!! I’ve kept berries 8-10 Days, spinach & peppers 2+ WKS, Bananas (Ziplock bag w/sheet) firm & fresh 8 days. Now I’ll Stock up certain all will last! My only VIP tip-make sure veg/fruit is DRY-then add paper.” ­-Linda E. (

Superb Product “Fresh paper where have you been all my life? Wonderful product. Right before pandemic lockdown here in NYC; unable to go out & get ricotta cheese. Previous 2 weeks had bit of left over ricotta cheese I cut a piece of fresh paper on top. Guess what? The cheese was still fresh!!!! It has saved me $ & time. Thank you Fresh paper especially in these quarantine times.” -JDCF (

Thank you "I was skeptical when these were first given to me. Now I don't know how I managed to keep fruit and vegetables fresh before. I have purchased these as gifts and Christmas stocking stuffers for family and friends."
-Helen (

Perfect for pandemic "I bought this product when the pandemic started and there were so many unknowns with where and if we could get food. I was pleasantly surprised on how this kept my food fresh!" - Cambria Copeland (

Seeing is Believing. Try it. You won't regret it! "I was Skeptical about the claim that it would give my fruits and vegetables a longer time for freshness.
Well I’m a believer now. I have raspberry blackberry ect.. that would have spoiled a few days after buying, but I still have them and other fruits and veggies still fresh after 2 weeks. The bread drawer is staying fresher. At this time where you can’t go to the store as frequently due to COVID-19. Keeping everything fresh had been a challenge until I started using Freshpaper food saver." -KBBoston (

Keeps Spinach Fresh “I wish that I had discovered this item sooner. My 1 lb. boxes of spinach from my local warehouse club used to go bad so fast. After I started placing a sheet of FreshPaper into each box of spinach as soon as I got home, I haven't had this problem since. I also use this product to keep zucchini/squash fresh.” -Turboshopper (

It really works! "These sheets really do work keeping fruit and veg fresher longer! They save me money in the long run since I’m getting to all the produce before it spoils! I highly recommend this product!" - Kate M. (

Want your veggies and fruits to last? "These are amazing. A neighbor shared them with me, I thought no way will they work, but they do! In these difficult times we are not going to the store as often, so it's extra important to preserve our food as long as possible. AND with the farmers not able to get produce to consumers easily, it's even MORE important to store our food properly and as efficiently as we can!" – Martha (

These are Incredible! “This product really works. I used to throw away all of my unused lettuce, berries and other produce after a few days because it would go bad before I could use it. Now, I can buy lettuce and other salad greens once per week and still have fresh salad every day with none having to be thrown away. Not only does it save money, but it is so convenient to only have to go to the grocery store once per week. GREAT PRODUCT! I highly recommend it.” -Sabrina (

Saves Me Money “I live about 45 min from the nearest grocery store. It’s hard to keep produce and fresh fruit between trips to the store. This has been a game changer for our family. I especially use it for greens and berries. Love it.” – Roxanne (

Life extender "I added this to a package of spinach - it preserved it to way after expiration date!! Love them!" – KFP (

Works really well "They seem to be working great. Just had raspberries that lasted a week and a half. They stayed firm and no mold. That’s impressive. Will use from now on" - Beth Aroyo-Mirowsky (

Crucial for Raspberries, Strawberries, Spinach, and Spring Mix!
"I would definitely recommend FreshPaper. I have no idea how it works, but it does work! I have noticed it makes a big difference with strawberries, spinach and most especially with spring mix lettuce that has red lettuce in it. I will not buy spring mix if I don't have FreshPaper in the house because the red lettuce gets so disgusting black and slimy really fast. I put this in the clam shell and it keeps it fresh. Also crucial with raspberries, which I find turn almost as soon as I get them home from the store. I won't buy raspberries unless I have this in the house. When the carton is empty, I put the FreshPaper loose in the veggie drawer for the other veggies in there. I have had to buy FreshPaper at Whole Foods; it's nice to be able to get it on Amazon!"- David (

Really works! “I initially saw these, and the inventor, on a TV show "Innovation Nation". We were always tossing out moldy bread, because there is only 2 of us and the bread would go bad in a short period of time. We would have to put the bread in the refrigerator to avoid spoilage. I don't like refrigerated bread, it always "stales" the bread. I used the Freshpaper Food Saver and I have to say, I am impressed. For the first time, we got through an entire loaf of bread, without having to refrigerate the loaf.” -Hatties Mom, Virginia (

A great food and money saver
"This product has a pleasant, spicy scent. While I enjoy it, I was worried that it would end up making my fruit and vegetables smell funny. I am happy to report that the scent doesn’t transfer at all. Thanks to a lack of marital communication, I unintentionally did a test of this product and have evidence that it works. Recently my husband and I each came home with bags of apples. I put mine in a fruit bowl lined with a sheet of Freshpaper, he put his in a separate bowl. While my family of three loves apples, it took us a while to eat up our combined purchases. Over that time, the apples in the Freshpaper bowl stayed fresh. Several of the other apples got mushy and had to be thrown away. It’s helped extend the life of vegetables in my crisper drawer, also. I can’t wait for farmer’s market season to begin so I can load up on goodies with no fear of waste!" - Clairemarie Fisher O'Leary (
Produce saver works! This is almost too good to be true - but it WORKS!
"I turn almost everything fresh into Penicillin in my fridge. I don't mean to and I always feel bad about it, but I just don't get to my fruits and veggies fast enough. I found this product and wasn't sure if it would do the trick in helping me preserve my groceries. I was going to just start vacuum sealing my (almost) gone produce, but who really has time for that and this was such a cheap solution if it worked. Well, I am here to say that it definitely works and I definitely get A LOT more time to use the stuff I was rotting before. I use it two ways - underneath a tray of strawberries I always get at Costco (and they don't grow hair or any kind of fuzz because of it), and also in the fridge drawers. One sheet usually lasts about 3 or 4 weeks, maybe longer if I forget to change it, but it is DEFINITELY buying me time to not waste food."
- JLee (

Brilliant idea, impressive and inspiring invention - and inventor
“The chemical industry surely doesn't share this young woman's ideas and intentions, but the product is long overdue
 and its purely natural ingredient composition is outstandingly effective. The Fresh Paper actually works as claimed!
I've already saved a lot of food that used to go bad and would need to be composted, so really love the product. Have even taken the time to recommend it to all my friends and nutritionally-oriented contacts.”
-Erico (

Saving Me Money “Trying to keep fresh produce from rotting costs me money. I came across this product, my local store ordered it for me and I'm impressed. I tried green bags (not so good), Tupperware (so-so) but this works. Produce won't last forever with this but it's something I like.” -Nana (

What a great discovery! “I have used this product - these sheets-of-wonder for several years. It's not easy to find. It helps lettuce, fruit. Sometimes I cut the sheet in half.” -BBB Customer Bev (

Worth the purchase! “Fresh paper really works. I love fresh produce but hate throwing it away because I don't use it immediately. This keeps it fresher longer and I am glad I tried it.” -Angela (

They Work!
“Got mine based on other reviews & immediately put them under my new container of raspberries. I hate to admit how many of them I have thrown away because I didn't get to them soon enough! Well,5 days later they looked & tasted like fresh picked! This week at the grocery store they had strawberries,buy 1 get 2 free,& I got them because I knew these sheets would keep them fresh much longer. They are awesome!”
-gilbertsmom2, MA (

What Sorcery is This?
“I literally stopped buying fresh fruit & veggies because I was tired of them going bad before I even gotten around to them. So glad I saw a streaming tv commercial about this product. wow. I’m shocked that they actually work. I put a full sheet in with my bowl of tangerines. 3 weeks later they were as perfect as the day I bought them. I put HALF a sheet in with a box of lettuce. 2 weeks later, almost every leaf is still perfect. I put a quarter sheet on the side of a small container with some CUT cucumbers in it. A week later they were all still as fresh as the day I cut them. I don’t know what sorcery this is but I’m so glad I tried it for myself.”
-Nisey, Philadelphia, PA (

Used it and LOVE IT!
“I have used FreshPaper in home, keeping my salad greens fresh. I always put some in the spinach bag to keep it fresh to the end! 
I am also a fresh fruit producer and I am putting FreshPaper in all of my fig containers as I pack them for retail sales at a major store chain. I will be able to be confident that my product will have a good shelf life and ensure consumer satisfaction. I highly recommend this product to everyone I meet. Thanks!”
-Cynthia (

veggie paper
“The order came in a very timely fashion and was very well packed. Am very pleased with the product and service.”
-Dona S (

I am very happy
“I am very happy with the FreshPaper. It has helped me save money on my fruits and vegetables. Awesome!! “
-Karen K (

Berry Good Product
“It works exactly as described and is great with saving berries, tomatoes, vegetables etc. I have reused the sheets and cut them to size for smaller berry containers. We were so impressed that the blueberries were still rolling around the container after several days.”
Los Alamitos, CA (

Great Veggie Saver!
“This definitly extends the life of my veggies. I just write the date on it with a marker so I remember when to change the sheet out. “
-Wynne (

Seems to keep my veggies really fresh!
“I belong to a CSA and it's hard to eat my piles of veggies up as quickly as I need to! I got these as my subscriber gift so I put them to the test and they do seem to work! My lettuce and greens stay crisp over a week. I'll definitely keep using this product.”
-Deanna (

One Word” AM-A-ZING!!!
“I’ve been looking for a way to keep cilantro fresh in the fridge for more than 4 days for a long time. I’ve tried all kinds of things before: the Ziplock bag, in a jar with little water and covered with plastic bag, in a jar no water with a lid, etc. etc. and no luck.
In Dec.02 I put 2 bunches in a plastic container with one of these sheets on the bottom then a paper towel and the cilantro on top of the paper towel, today there is still one of the bunches that I haven’t used and it looks fresh and healthy!!! It’s been almost one month! 
I’m just amazed!!!”
-Laura V., Sierra Vista, AZ (

Really Works!
“No need for a long review. These add substantial life to your produce. I've used these, and I've used the balls, and these work  much better. I can put a sheet in a bowl, pile on the fruit and keep the bowl at room temperature. That's a death notice for most fruit, but the sheet keeps the produce nice and fresh--outside the fridge--for a week. No negatives to this product that I can see.”
-Torey B. (

Surprisingly fantastic product and MADE IN THE U.S.A.
“These are fantastic, but the maple scent worried me for bread products especially (different: Fenugreen bread savers). They proved to leave no maple flavor on any food. We are only 2 people now, so bread usually goes bad before we finish it. NOT any longer - a loaf of bread or pita outlasts the saver sheet, so I use it in the next loaf or whatever. I know when the month-long expiration occurs if I write the initial date of use on the pkg.”
-Stanley P. (

It Really works!
“My mother is elderly and cannot replenish her fresh fruit and vegetables frequently, so I purchased these Freshpaper sheets for her. When placing the order, I honestly thought that it would turn out to be gimmicky and ineffective, but to my surprise, my mother loves them! Her fresh produce is staying fresh at least twice as long now. I will definitely be purchasing more!”
-J. Green, Carlisle, PA (

Produce stays fresh much longer!
“These really do extend the life of produce. I have been using them in the crisper drawers of my fridge and in the produce baskets in my pantry. They truly do keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer. They will need to be replaced after a few weeks but Produce Saver Sheets work !I wish they weren't so expensive.”
-Amazon Michigan Customer, Retired, MI (

These Really Work
“I saw this on some cooking show and bought a package at the grocery for 7.99. I am amazed that these really work to prolong the life of produce. I put sheets in big tubs of spinach and in bags after I cut broccoli or celery also in bags of leaf lettuce and loose in the fruit drawer. I had a large bin of spinach that was still fresh and crisp 10 days after the use by date. I now order these on Amazon because they are cheaper here. I cut the sheets in half for smaller items.”
-Karen S, Omaha, NE (

Works well!!
“I use Fresh Paper for fruits and veggies. It really works!!

I tried a pack of these papers for bread and find they also work really well. I use them with loaves of bread, croissants, buns, cookies, crackers, and other baked goods.

Found a use that wasn't mentioned: I put a sheet in my bin of crunchy cat food. It keeps the food fresh and crunchy. I suppose it would be great with dog food or rabbit pellets. I change the sheet out every month.”
-Mystery shopper star (

It Works! “I was surprised at how well this product worked! I always lose spinach in 5-7 days, I think I'm up to 10 days and it's just now starting to wilt and brown. Put the sheets in with berries, extended the life of those too. Very happy with this product and it's life span, will order more when they run out!” -Amada (

It really works.  “I love this stuff. It really works. It doesn't keep produce indefinitely, but it does add at least a few days extra.” -Amy (

It Works! Produce fresh for longer
“Worked great to extend produce life. Put in the salad bags and kept the greens fresh throughout the week. Cut up some mushrooms and put in bag, added this and it kept them for a week! Very good product does not affect taste of food but still need to keep moisture at bay. I still use paper towel to help draw moisture away from leafy greens or keep mushrooms from getting soggy”
-Amazon Customer (

Natural Herb soaked paper on fruits = No fungus for days longer than normal
“This actually WORKS! Am ordering more for bread and have given away a few pages to family elsewhere as proof it works. I've gotten fresh strawberries before and had them grow green fuzzy jackets of fungus overnight. In the fridge or out. Recently, our market had a sale on bulk boxes of strawberries and I didn't have time over the weekend to hull them. Just stuck them in the fridge with the Fresh Paper. Three days later, they still look as perfect as when I put them in there! Makes me want to research her grandmother's herbal teas so I could help my own occasionally upset tummy. Fresh Paper is a home run in my opinion. A huge step in the right direction back to natural things that just plain work.”
-Runethia (

We have been using Fenugreen sheets for 4 months and...
“We have been using Fenugreen sheets for 4 months and have noticed a significant increase in how long produce stays fresh. Apples that were going soft by 1.5 weeks are now lasting 2 weeks. Bananas which I've always struggled to get to last from weekend to weekend are now making it from Sunday grocery trips to Saturday breakfast. They are expensive per sheet, but well worth the cost with its produce saving powers - especially since the last sheet I used lasted 2 months with dry produce on a counter.”
-Jamie T. (

Really works
“I make organic bread for sandwiches in my bread machine, and this really does keep it soft and fresh. The sheets have a maple scent, but this does not affect the taste of the bread at all. I'll definitely be purchasing again.”
-Sunshine (

It Really Works
“I was a skeptic when I saw Rachael Ray mention this on her show. I decided to try it and was pleasantly surprised that it really does work. No more yukky lettuce in those plastic boxes. It also has been doing a great job on my blue berries. “
-Jordyn (

Unseal fruits and veggies from sealed plastic
“Works like a charm! Helps my produce stay fresh longer... tip: take produce out of any “sealed” packaging where air cannot penetrate and also place apples, oranges, grapes into separate open containers if possible and put 1/2 to full sheet in each open container. If all in a vegetable bin, place sheet in with produce and fruits.”
-Linda M. Coffey, Oklahoma City, OK (

Great Product
“It actually works as publicized. I bought 2 bags of romaine lettuce. Put each in a crisper, 2 different refrigerators. One of them had the food saver sheet, the other didn't. the one with the food saver sheet kept the lettuce for another 2 weeks.”
-Keys Kritter (

Keep it Fresh!
“Love these papers. I make a lot of bread, and was running into freshness issues periodically if we didn't eat the bread within 3 days. I have yet to have a loaf go bad since we started throwing these into our bread box. I plan to keep these coming to help preserve my baking efforts.”
Dustin Grime, Columbus, OH (

It keeps the bread soft and prevents it from being spoiled early. highly recommended!

‘love this product! I am using this for all my bread products going forward. It keeps the bread soft and prevents it from being spoiled early. highly recommended!”
-DC Manor (

Love It
“What's not to like? Great start-up company. Healthy product. I first got interested when I saw the entrepreneur on a Saturday morning Ford's Innovation show on CBS. Innovation Nation? I can't remember show's name.”
-Amazon Customer (

Saved me from worrying so much! Thank you!!
“THEY WORK! I absolutely love these. I buy a ton of produce for myself and my kids regularly, so when I came across these I was thrilled. Although we go through our produce fairly quickly, I always get so anxious worrying about it going to waste because we didn’t eat or cook it soon enough. It makes me physically sick to throw food in the trash being that we have 2 kids and are on a budget, but I refuse to buy a bunch of processed junk that has a shelf life of 10 years. These have saved me from worrying so much about waste! We can actually enjoy our food and Mommy can relax lol Big plus that they’re made in the USA as well 🇺🇸”
-Kirsten Livingston (

Love these papers
“Love these papers. They really do help keeping fruits and veggies fresh longer. I take my fruit/veggies out of their containers and pat them dry. Also take out any berries, etc that are too ripe. After drying, I put them back in their container and place a Freshpaper on top. I cut my papers to fit the containers”
-Dale Holden (

Works well! Keeps fruit fresher longer
“I saw this product discussed by the creator on a TED Talk and wanted to try it out as much to support her efforts to minimize food waste as to take advantage of its advertised ability to keep fruit fresher longer. It does, in fact, work! I have actually cut the pages into smaller pieces, and stick them into the small plastic containers that my berries come in. The fruit has lasted so much longer. The paper has a slight maple scent, and sometimes I can taste that on the fruit (but only once in a while). However, that is not a bad added taste. A product well worth investing in!”
-C. Gallagher, Pasadena, CA (

Fresh Paper is Perfect
“I have been using this product for several years now. I use fresh blueberries and raspberries every day. I put a fresh paper in the containers that I use to store the berries in my frig. Before I found Fresh Paper the berries would go bad. The paper keeps them firm and fresh. I also put a paper in the bag with my lettuce. it helps keep the lettuce from turning brown. I can't recommend the product enough. I have even given packages as birthday gifts.”
-Eleanor Vacchina (

Amazing product. Proudly developed by a young woman in …
“Amazing product. Proudly developed by a young woman in our hometown, Columbia, Md. Use it for blueberries and raspberries and been impressed with how long the fruit stay fresh.”
-Lynnz, Columbia, MD (

Great for My Spinach and Zucchini
“My spinach and zucchini from my local club warehouse used to spoil quickly. Thankfully, these produce saver sheets ended that problem. I place a sheet inside my 1 lb boxes of spinach, as well as in my bags of zucchini, and I haven't had a problem since. I used to buy these at my local hardware store, and they were a special order item. So now I buy these from Amazon.”
-TurboShopper, SF Bay Area, California (

It Really Works!
“This actually works. Our family eats a lot of fruit, but I find that it goes bad so very quickly. I have used other items advertised to do the same thing with no luck. This actually helps to keep fruit fresh.”

I have not used it for veggies but it certainly works on my raspberries and strawberries!
-NABumb (

Keeps Produce Fresher
“I've used this product previously and ran out. This is a reorder for me and I STILL recommend it. Even just the smaller pieces will help vs using a whole sheet for every item. I'm sometimes thrown by the maple smell but it isn't so revolting that I cant stand it. I still say BUY IT”
-Oxygen Diva (

This is amazing. Raspberries seem last a couple of days in …
“This is amazing. Raspberries seem last a couple of days in my fridge but not with Freshpaper. I placed two identical containers of raspberries in my refrigerator but one had Freshpaper. The raspberries without Freshpaper lasted for three days and at the end they were dark red and starting to get mushy. The ones with Freshpaper looked like they did when I picked them after the same three days and lasted until they were gone - not mushy - seven days later!!! Maybe this will help keep me from throwing spoiled produce. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!”
-Di RS (

Awesome Product
“lot of stuff ends up going bad.”
- NB, Los Angeles, CA  (
I use these for all my produce storage spots
“I wish the price was lower cause I go through plenty of these — but they work (!) and I love the passion behind the purpose. I stash them in my fridge drawers, fruit basket, kids lunch boxes, and in the pantry. My produce lasts longer, noticeably fresher, avoids mold and gives me more peace of mind. I guess that’s worth $160/year ! :)”
-L IN LA, Los Angeles, CA 

Wasn’t a believer
“At first I was skeptical, then I saw it on the morning news and said why not. Turns out it was just what my GF and I needed at the house where we continually throw out fruits and veggies that we can't finish in time. Definitely will save you some money.”
- Chris, Huntington Beach, CA (

They Work!
“These indeed work to keep my veggies and fruit fresh longer. They get mildews after a few weeks and need replacing. They do smell like maple syrup”
-Soccer Mom, Los Angeles, CA

No more spoilage
“We pop 1/4 sheets into boxes of blue berries and 1 sheet into fresh strawberries and no more mold problems. Extends shelf life by weeks. Amazing product.”
-Salmon Prince (

“Works! Need at least 2 in the crisper. Only thing I have seen that helps keep cut head lettuce fresh.
I ordered a second package”.
-Mary B (

Freshness to the max
“Order a package along with the containers I saw in a you tube pantry refrigerator organization video to try. And I am so impressed that these will be in my reorder item list. It kept my diced onion fresh for over 2 weeks in the container. I ordered a set of containers that have little drain shelf and I put the paper under that to absorb the moisture.”
-Yolanda (

Saving Money by Extending Life of Fresh Fruits/Vegetables
“I like everything about this product! Fresh greens are fragile. I had been throwing away about half of the produce I purchased, but by using the FreshPaper, I can make fruits and vegetables last about 2-3 times as long. Also, It is easy to cut the paper in half to use for a small item. I have just thrown a couple of FreshPaper squares in the crisper drawer without individually wrapping everything. That way, if I happen to place something in the crisper drawer expecting to use it soon, it has the benefit of the FreshPaper to help it stay case I forget it!”
-Gail K (

Yes it will save your fresh veggies”
“I don’t know what the secret is but these things really do work. I’ve ordered twice now. I actually had celery that I kept for a month and it was still fine.”
-Lucy M. (

It works!
“I’m very happy with this product. I use it for vegetables and appreciate how my big container of Spring Mix stays fresh. The sheets smell kind of funky, but it doesn’t change the taste of the fresh food. I cut the sheets in smaller pieces, depending on what size the container is.”
-Bonnie Wisz (

FRESHPAPER Food Saver Sheets for Produce
“Ordered these after a friend gifted me with some. Works really good. Gave them to my daughters for use as well.”
-Carolyn (

2 thumbs ups
“These work very well. I'm able to keep all fruits about a week or more longer, especially blueberries and strawberries. Also works well in crisper draw with vegetables.”
-Amazon Customer (
It’s amazing!
“I LOVE this product. It truly holds up to all the reviews I read about it prior to buying this product. My favorite thing about it is it keeps my berries fresh for such a long time! Seriously a great purchase. I’ve bought some for gifts and they’ve loved them too!”
-Rebecca Fraley (

A new awesome discovery
“I LOVE this product. It truly holds up to all the reviews I read about it prior to buying this product. My favorite thing about it is it keeps my berries fresh for such a long time! Seriously a great purchase. I’ve bought some for gifts and they’ve loved them too!”
-Amazon Customer (

Bread stays fresh!
“I make brioche (dough in bread machine) fairy often. Last time I made it, I had just received these “papers”. I’m not sure what they do, but the bread stayed more fresh!”
-Kh808 (

Work as good as they say!
“I bought quite a few of these packages and gave some as gifts. They make a big difference in your fruit and veggies while in the refrigerator. It's nice not having to throw food out so quickly”.
-Connie (

Lasts a long time!
“These are amazing little papers! I saw them reviewed on the Rachael Ray show & they work exactly like they said. I have used paper towels to keep my lettuce, vegetables & fruits from going bad and it works but I have to change the paper every 2-3 days. These are good for a month & smell like maple syrup, just like they said. A great way to save money all around!”
-Kendra (

It works just as advertised
“In our house the true test was strawberries which go bad in a day or 2 when the fresh paper is not being used. We put a small piece in the strawberry container and they lasted close to a week and we were able to eat all of them with no waste. It is amazing how much this paper extends the life of our fruits and vegetables.”
-Carra (

Fresh Paper Really Works!”
“Fresh Paper has saved me a lot of money on fresh berries. Without it I would have to throw out a lot after only a couple of days even though I put them in the refrigerator as soon as I got them home from the grocers. I did have to cover the berries entirely with the paper (which lasts at least a month).”
- Jay E. Levy, League City, TX (

Fruits and veggies stay fresh longer
“Seem to keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer.”
-Three dogs, Pennsylvania (

Buy and save money on your produce!
“Best kitchen product ever! Been using this for 5+ years after reading about the inventor. A great product all around and lasts longer than the package says.”
-Farrah J. Khan, Oak Hill, VA (

Great Value
“This product does help in extending the freshness of vegetables.”
-Amazon Customer (

Fresh veggies stay fresh
“My veggies stay fresh in the fridge drawer much longer with these papers.”
- LDWesty, CO (

Really works! Extends the life of produce for weeks!
“Works great! Arugula lasted three weeks with this placed in the “ clamshell” package.”
-Laura Mitchell (

Seems to work. Happy
“Got these for my husband who is a salad guy. It does keep the salad and vegetables fresh. For me the wonderful thing is that with a piece of this paper in the container you don't have to completely close the container. Good. I find it exhausting to open those tupperware type things.”
-Suzanna Wrenn (

Works as intended
“This product definitely prolonged the life of my perishables (vegetables)! I highly recommend it.”
-Victoria Noriega (

Saves money on oxidization of vegetables!
“Lettuce now keeps for 2-3 weeks instead of 3-5 days! Yay! All natural safe product.”
-Kindle Customer (

Five Stars
“Does extend freshness date.”
- Mary, Albany, NY (

Works great "Love these they work great." -Lisa Quitadamo, Oxford, MA (

Extend food from molding quickly “I love these sheets I saw the science behind them on Henry fords innovation nation tv Show and they work wonderfully. Preserve the longevity and freshness of food in the refrigerator drawers and berries!!!” -Renee Trivisonno (

Keeps veg fresh "They do the job of keeping veg fresh." -Page Turner, Manistee, MI (

Great buy! “This is the second time we have purchased these. I really do notice a HUGE difference when I use these with our produce compared to using nothing. Although I have good intentions with stocking up on produce, it goes bad quicker than it can be eaten. These help keep items fresh and have a really great maple smell to them.” - Jennifer Chandler, Dallas, TX (

These things ROCK! “These food saver sheets are AMAZING!! Strawberries are still good after 3 days, when they often start to grow mold. My baby spinach leaves are SO crisp!! I'm ordering some for my mom and my adult children bc these things are so great!”
-Jennifer Alvarez (

IT WORKS! “I was a little skeptical; however, I am glad that I made this purchase. I had bought it sight unseen - never saw a commercial - Only through Amazon. I use it with all of my fruit and veg. I insert a freshpaper in containers or bags of lettuce, carrots, apples, etc. and I find that the produce will stay fresher longer. It is a great product.” -Amazon Customer (Amazon,com)

Keeps veggies fresh longer.
“Great for keeping veggies fresh longer in the fridge.” - Jane Frost (

As described—amazing! “Great product; would definitely order again!” -Kate M. (

Very good “Used twice with excellent results.” -Carl J Campbell (

Works Great “Works well but a little on the expensive side” -C.Belcherbrickell (

Ease of use/product saver “They work as good or better than the hefty green sheets” -Linda SR Wilkinson (

Really great job. “These work so well, I will continue to be a repeat buyer.” -FM, Scottsdale, AZ (

Fresh Salad “It works. My purchased salad greens stay fresh much longer than before”.
-Amazon Customer (

Save Money, save your fruits and vegetables. Vastly reduces waste! "Outstanding! We cut a cabbage with a metal knife, and stored the unused portion with Freshpaper. A week later, there was no discoloration at all. Asparagus stayed fresh, we threw none away because it was still fresh. This is a great product.”
-Donald Steven Merrill (

Really works! “Helps preserve vegetables in the crisper.” -ZzieZou, Covina, CA (Amazon,com)

IT WORKS!!! “This product does exactly what it promises. Good value for something so simple. Keep your produce fresher longer. No more pitching the lettuce and strawberries or any other short life items.” -Roger Baker(

Seems to work “Seems to work but not sure how much is placebo.” -FutureMedia Capitola, CA (

Great idea! "So far seems to have kept veggies fresh" -nana09 (

Great idea! “The product does what it says it will do........extends the life (greatly) of fresh fruits and veggies!!!” -Nancy ODonnell  (
Works! “Works wonderfully and saves on food waste!”-Katya Dexter, MI (

Works Great “Good product” -David Cobb (

Produce life extended! “They were used to keep fruits and vegetables fresher then if they were not used.
They work. I’ve been using them for sometime. Thank you” -Lauriejacoby (

Freshness “We like the way it works.”
-Richard G Rankin, Jersey, AR (

“This works like a charm” “this works like a charm, makes lettuce last for a month, i buy it by the bulk for me and my mother, i highly recommend it”
-Sou F. (

“Really Works” “Saw this product illustrated on a shopping channel and did not order them. I tried them finally when I saw them on Amazon's website. They really do work great. One of the few things I've found to keep my banana's from rippening too quickly.”
-D. Stern, Fayetteville, GA (

“Take the plunge and just buy some, how an you lose? They’re guaranteed!” “These absolutely work, I was very sceptical, but don't believe the negative reviews, THEY EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR VEGETABLES”!!”
-Katlover, Florida (

Natural Product, not chemicals “Wow. Great invention. Saw these on Henry Ford Innovation Nation, had to buy them. Love that they are natural. Put one under my fruit bowl which doesn't even touch the produce and my avocados last longer. Will try one near bananas since they only last 2 days on my counter.”
-E.P. (

Worked for me “Put a sheet under a 'hydroponic' lettuce thick stem in one of those plastic containers. Lasted 2 weeks on the refrigerator. Put a sheet in a large zip lock bag with loose lettuces mix. Didn't turn slimy for over a week. So I guess I love them!”
-R. Schilling, Mandeville, LA (Amazon,com)

Keeps Vegetables Longer "When I opened it and saw it was a light piece of green foam like material I was skeptical but this actually works!"
- Nancy (

Amazing Product "It really works, amazing product"
-Kimberly Allison (

Great Idea keeps food fresh "Great item keeps bread from going bad."
-Kenneth McCormick (

My spouse says it’s good and asked me to buy another set
"My spouse says it's good and asked me to buy another set. so, I guess, it is good"
-UT (

“Super Product. Ordered for myself and for stocking stuffers.”
-Early Retiree (

“Perfect product and fast delivery. I would recommend this product and seller!”
-JD, Jacksonville, FL (

Exciting Home Item! "I'm very excited about this item! I try to eat Only Fresh Veggies, so we get all of nature's nutrients (frozen kills a lot of it) & they taste so much better 😁! I hate wasting, so this item is PERFECT for me! Living in a hot, dry climate, half of what I buy, wash, chop, store goes down the drain. So far, Very Impressive!!"
-Robi Fortune (

So far so good "Have been using for a little over a month. 1 sheet lasted a month. They seem to work extending the life of my blueberries and keeping my apples fresh for weeks."
-LNick (

Works as expected "Item as described. Fast shipping. Would buy from again. Recommended to all."

Really Works "Saw this on a TV show and decided to try it. I have not been disappointed - it really works to extend the life of produce."
Libster WA, (

These Work “The sheets fit anywhere you need such as in lettuce bags, strawberry cartons, etc. Drop one in a bag of potatoes and they are still fresh weeks later. Worth the price.” - D. Winter (

Fresh Fresh Fresh  “I was not a believer in this product, I have now bought several. I waited to see if they work and YES they work fantastic. My tomatoes last for about 3 weeks on the counter. I have them in the Refrig. and my veggies last weeks longer. Great product.” -16Paws (

 It really works “I love everything about these Food Saver Papers. They work as advertised. I've ordered another set so I won't run out.” - Vicki Barber (

 IT WORKS “You can cut the sheet into smaller sizes if the product is small. Always try to buy the most recent fruits and vegetables. It really helps to put them in a container that spread them out a bit.” - Beverly Hayes (

 These work! “I throw half a sheet into my fruit bowl and my fruit stay fresh for a long time! I also cut these into quarters and store my vegetables too. I love these.” - Jackie.S (

No More Repurchasing “These little veggie protectors I first saw on QVC. Thought I'd try. These are great!! So impressed how well my vegetables and fruit stay fresh. This is why I purchased more. I put a Sheet in my lettuce crisper, a half sheet in the blueberry container. I don't keep any veggies In the plastic bags we use to bag or veggies. Place a couple sheets in veggie drawer. Put a sheet in my fruit bowl on counter and so impressed how long every stays fresh and does not over ripe. Will buy more when needed. And I tell my family and friends about this great product!!!!” - Amazon Customer (

Really Good Product “Found Fresh Paper at Whole Foods and have been using it ever since. They ran out of the product at the store - but Amazon had them in stock (thank You, Jesus!!!) I've noticed that the produce lasts a lot longer in my refrigerator when I use Fresh Paper. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.” -Joanne S. (


These work great to help preserve produce “We eat a lot of fresh produce and are careful about cleaning everything but berries when I return home from the marketing. I keep these in the produce bins and the fruit and vegetable bowls and produce seems to last longer. Also, a pleasant aroma.” - Anastasia Beaverhausen (

 work great “I'm not sure what kind of Voodoo Magic they contain, but these things work great.” – ghostrider (

Fantastic Product With the current pandemic going on getting to the grocery store is impossible! These sheets have been a lifesaver! I have put them in all of my produce, checked cilantro just yesterday, still fresh after 3 WEEKS!” – Seher (

 Keeps veggies and fruit fresh “This is the second package of Freshpaper I have purchased. I find they keep greens from browning so fast and fruit seems to keep longer. I use them in the refrigerator and out. I like that they are natural and have a pleasant smell that also indicates it is still working. They seem to last for many days. Even weeks. I recommend them.” - Shelley Seitz (

Keeping produce picked from the garden fresh after it is harvested for many days “I liked that the Freshpaper food saver sheets kept my garden produce fresher to last longer before using the produce. I liked that it is a natural product, reusable, recyclable and saves money. It also has a pleasant odor.” - Luanne Long (

 Amazing! “I was very skeptical and wasn't sure if these would really work. I decided to try them out and I am amazed! They really do help keep the veggies in my fridge fresh longer. I will absolutely buy them again!” - Natalie Glover (

 So pleased with this product!  “I am having great success with this product. It has kept blueberries, strawberries and lettuce so fresh. I'm so glad I made this purchase. I have to admit, I was skeptical but now I'm a believer!” - Terry Kraus (

Keeps produce fresh so easily! “I love how easy it is to use Fresh Paper! I put 2 sheets in my fruit and vegetable drawers in the refrigerator. They keep everything so fresh way longer than the manufacturer says.” – Cassmkg

Food saver/ environment friendly “I love it. I use it in every place possible- all refrigerator drawers, onion basket, containers with fresh herbs( I cover the paper with paper towels) , etc. I reuse them several times until I feel there is no scent.” - Shoshana katz (

Satisfied “Have used Freshpaper for about a week and so far it is as promised. Fruit is keeping nicely. Was starting to get fruit flies when I received the Freshpaper but when a sheet was placed in the fruit bowl, the fruit flies disappeared and haven't seen one since.” - Amazon Customer (

How it works, I don't know. But it does! “It's like magic! I have central air but live in coastal ga. Humidity and heat things sour very quickly even in the fridge. This helps keep lettuce peppers carrots at least a week longer.” – Risie (

They really work “I wasn't sure if these sheets would really work, but since I have such as problem with bananas ripening so fast I thought I would give them a try. And yes!!! They work. I bought 6 green bananas on Saturday and normally my Wednesday they would be yellow with a few freckles. But, today they are just yellow and still firm. YES! I did however cut a sheet and laid a strip on top of the bananas. My son was surprised too. He usually takes 2 bananas to work and shocked they were still ok. So, I would definitely recommend and reorder these sheets.” – Rickie (

Does the Job “I have been using FreshPaper for several years for my produce. I live alone, and buy a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. These food saver sheets do what they say; they keep everything fresh, much longer. This includes refrigerated produce and non-refrigerated. I feel that these sheets help me to save money, and extend the quality and life of the produce.” – Alex (

 It Works Beautifully “FreshPaper keeps the fruits and vegetables so much fresher. It works even better than expected. My advice: Buy it!” - Kindle Customer (

 This really works  “I saw this on TV on a program about innovation -- Thought I would give it a try -- And it works - Keeps vegetables fresh longer -- I am paticular about fresh vegetables and had to throw a lot of produce away before discovering Freshpaper. It is fantastic.” - Amazon Customer (

 Wow!!  “Wow!! Just buy these! They definitely work as advertised!” - Jeffrey P. Luchini (

 Keeps my produce fresh twice as long!! “I love these! I'm not shopping as often so what I buy has to last and these really help! Thank you for a fine product!” - Marilyn Mooneyham (

 Local Product - that really does work. “Developed by a resident here in Howard County, Maryland ....I was skeptical at first but it really does prolong the life of your fruits and veggies. I have been using it for years. Keep a sheet or two between some paper towels in your produce draws. I tried with and without and it does work. The bread paper is pretty good too if you keep your bread in a basket or bread box. Helps the stuff without.”- WMD/B&O Guy (

Just try it  “This stuff really works. We put a torn off piece inside each and every package of greens, celery, asparagus etc and nothing rots! Seriously. It is amazing. Just try it and you won't be disappointed. We are on about our 4th package. For us it seems to work best if we make micro-climates by using a piece in each container by putting a piece in each package. Tomatoes stay perfect. hooray for these people” - Donna C (

 love it “I love this product! I can keep fresh veggies in my fridge for weeks. Berries that mold in a couple of days are lasting 3-4 times longer!” - Amazonian Customer ithhb,m (

 Extends produce shelf life substantially  “I love freshpaper! I've used it outside and inside the fridge. Keeps produce substantially longer without molding/wilting. I label them with a date using pen so I know when time has been up. I usually use sheets two per drawer (one from the previous month and a new one) and half or quarter sheet in items not in a produce drawer. Into the compost they go after 60 days.” – Marjorie (

Actually works “I was skeptical, but these things work. Fruits, berries, and vegetables last considerably longer now.” – CanyonCAZ (

Fresh Paper doubles the shelf life of my veggies “I make a lot of smoothies with fresh baby spinach so I tend to buy the larger containers at Whole Foods or Costco. I throw in a sheet of fresh paper and I don't get the gooey rot that would happen after a few days. I get about 7 days out of the container compared to 3-4 days before the spinach would go bad. Throwing out a lot less.” - Acupunk62 (

 The product works as promised. “Fresh Paper has been a wonderful find for me. I love fresh produce and eat it daily, but always had to throw out some because I couldn't use it fast enough. Fresh Paper has extended the "life" of all my produce, saving me money and trips to the grocery or farmers' market. It is so easy to use - as long as the paper smells like maple, it's working. Great product!” - Delores Jackson (

 Works great “Bought a big container of spring mix greens edible for 2 weeks!” – WarriorQueen (

 This works!!! “WOW, I bought 5 days ago strawberries and with this freshpaper are still fresh like I bought them today. I told everyone I know about it. Amazing product, thank you” - Stan , Camelia (

Great! I’ve sent this product to friends and family because I think it works so well!” - Nancy Hogan (

 These work! “Bought this for my mother. She absolutely swears by this product, so I restocked for her and will be buying more in the future for both of us!” - Rosemary King (

 Lives up to the claims “Strawberries don’t get mold (that can happen in a day), spinach in a bag lasted 3 weeks (I’m not a big spinach eater), cilantro in a produce bag and a half sheet good forever. Well worth the investment.” – kar (

 Preserve your investment “When I spend more for fresh fruit and vegetables these sheets help to extend the freshness and quality of my produce! Easy to use and worth the cost many many times over!” – Pam (

Really Works!!! “Have been using Fresh Paper for many years now for both fruits and vegetables and bread. Keeps products fresh and edible for much longer than without it. Has paid for itself many times over in unspoiled and useable product.” - D.S. (

Fantastic Product This product is awesome. They work well. I put some in my fruit drawer in the refrig and some in the veggie drawer. A bag of green grapes were kept fresh for over two weeks. Celery was kept fresh for 3 weeks prior to my using all of it.” - Retired in comfort (

Works Great For Me “I first bought these from weight watchers and they worked really good so I was happy to find them on Amazon because they no longer sell them. They really worked in the fruit basket I have on the counter so now I tried them in the refrigerator vegetable drawer and its seems to be doing the job. I’m a single person so I don’t use that much.” - Pam Nicoletti (

 Life savers “I love this product so much! I always buy a lot of fruits and veggies and they would go bad pretty fast and now when I store the new veggies or fruits I put a sheet in the container or bag and it last a lot longer! My tip is to pat dry the produce first so the sheet won't get wet.” – Eve (

Great food saver! “Honestly don’t know what it is that makes it work but it does ! I’m a very picky eater. If I see spinach or lettuce getting soggy I can’t eat it. Unfortunately with most bagged produce they tend to get soggy fast. Ever since I’ve started using these sheets the lettuce and spinach last much longer. I can actually finish a full bag without getting any soggy pieces . A sheet last a month so if you have it in a bag and finish the bag in 2 weeks just take the sheet out and throw it in a new bag of lettuce. Two or maybe 3 orders of these sheets will let you a year or longer. Definitely worth the money instead of wasting food .” - steve Betancourt (

 These really work  “Fresh packaged asparagus from Costco lasted 2 weeks in the fridge. I just used half of a sheet in the package and the spears are as firm and fresh as when first bought.” - M. Fawcett (

  Nice Product for Produce They do provide a longer life for my produce. In the counter fruit bowl or in the vegetable bin in the refrigerator they do work. Just put one wherever you keep your produce.” – Teri (

 HOW does this stuff work?! “This funny paper is great- really does prolong the viability of produce and at today’s prices that saves money too. I cut it in smaller pieces and put them in packages ( especially those supersized packs like from a warehouse store) and in my own storage containers. Try them, you’ll like them! ;)”  – Tamalamadingdong (

better than a magic wand “i not only swear by this stuff, i buy it for friends & family! saw recently other types of this is being introduced for different products. i wish the young lady who came up with the original great success, however i have been using this original to keep bread from molding, crackers from going stale and in the deli drawer of the fridge for ages ~ so far, regardless of what i try, it works from berries to shallots & garlic. try it and be both amazed & grateful.” – Babs (

 Great money-saver! “These save me so much on veggies because I almost never use the produce as fast as I plan to - but it lasts about 4x as long with even a half-sheet in the drawer (as long as it’s only a few veggies or fruits). I use a whole sheet if I have a lot in there. Saves way more than they cost!” – JustJoJo (

 MONEY SAVER! “Keeps fruit and vegetables fresh much longer! Why would you NOT USE THESE! YOU ACTUALLY SAVE MONEY!!” - C Kelly (

Love that maple smell “I like the way it works and the smell. I purchased from another venue and cost more for smaller package.” – Fae (

  well worth it “I line my bowls of fruit and veggies with it and place the used ones in the produce compartments of the fridge. I think the paper makes a difference.” - Jane (

  These sheets work great “I love these sheets. I use them mostly for my berries but I've also put them under apples and tomatoes (non refrigerated). For the berries I put them in a plastic container (or glass), flat, one level, on a paper towel then put a fresh paper sheet on top and seal with lid. Berries stay very fresh in my refrigerator this way!” – Terry (

 ALWAYS works for me “This product absolutely extends the life of produce in my refrigerator and on the counter. I’m talking extends it I weeks not just a day or two. I use a paper towel on top of lettuce to absorb condensation along with the fresh paper to stay crispy for at least two weeks!” Donna (

 Extended life “Keeps thing eatable much longer, both fruits and vegetables. Especially like it for mushrooms, that way when I can buy them at a good price I can buy extra.” – Gail (

 Excellent Product “I am a single person and oh my how much fresh produce and fruit can go bad fast. This Fresh Paper product is the best. I have even sent it as a gift. Everybody loves it and I love the scent of the spices that make it up. You cannot go wrong its easy, and I just throw it into my composter when done:) Keep those fresh fruits and veggies lasting longer.......” – Dian (

 Worth the price. “I went to a farmers market and wanted cherry tomatoes. The quantity they'd sell was far more than I could logically consume, but the price for the case of these little gems was so compelling I bought them. I expected to lose almost half of the purchase. I put in 3 pieces of 'freshpaper' and 8 days later I'm still enjoying them. Nuff said. Glad I bought 8 packages of this product.” – Scott (

 Fantastic!  “I love Fresh Paper -- it really does help make produce last longer, and I've put it in with cheese and cold cuts too. I love the scent of them. They're not scented, but whatever it is that makes the food last longer smells great. reminds me of celery. I use them over and over until I can't smell that scent anymore, then let them go. Great product & fascinating story behind them. I've given them to friends & family for Christmas & gotten rave reviews of how they like them.” – KL (

 A Miracle “I cannot stand my fruits or veggies that I purchase going bad in 2 days:-( I'm not rich and I try to eat well... These Fresh Paper are the most amazing creation... I had been using another product that worked well but you had to follow specific instructions and with these fresh papers its a no brainier:-) Thank You for sharing the family secret:-)” – Dian (

 Great product for a great price. “I get a lot of produce at the grocery, and it's so easy for it to go bad quickly once you get it home. I cook for myself, so the longer the produce can last, the better. I just put one of these sheets in any container of produce I get, or my refrigerated produce drawers or the fruit basket on my counter, and these sheets keep my food fresher longer, no doubt.” – Mary (

 Good product “I love the fresh papers and they do their job in extending the life of fruits and veggies. Very easy to use.” – Denise (

 Great Product “These simple sheets keep all my fruits and vegetables fresher longer. I have saved a lot of money using them consistently. I never want to be without them.” -Alanaleah (

 Save money “Besides using it in the fridge, I'm using it for onions & garlic, which I keep on the counter. So far, so good.” – Edith (

 Great Product “Liked it so much I am sending some out to friends to try out and to a young woman who is a gourmet cook and wine connoisseur and gets paid for her knowledge... she is my best friends son's girl friend... Save your veggies and fruits so you can enjoy without wasting them...” – Dian (


The product works “Liked and will definitely be purchasing again for myself for my daughter.”  - Tulsabrit (

Awesome  “Great Product”  - angel soft (

It works “Easy to use and works” - BeverlyS (

Great product  “Great!” - Joann Stallbaumer (

  Love this  “Helped keep longer” - KellyAnn McGroary (

  Works Great! “It Works to keep fruit and Vegis fresh longer. I love the story behind this product. I am a fan!”  - Stu Jacobsen (

Great product!  “I have only used this product a few days, but I have noticed a difference when I pull out my produce! I have been eyeing this product up for a while and finally decided to try it and I'm happy I did. I always throw away so much produce because life happens and I end up having to switch up meals and by the time I get to the produce I was planning on using sooner it has already starting going bad to where I can't use it. Now I'm hoping this paper make is last those last few days I need so I can use it as planned and not waste as much! Thank you for making such a great product!” - Amber (

  Great product to keep cut fruit and vegetable freshGreat for keeping fruits and veggies fresh in refrigerator after cutting” - Dylan (

  great veggies & fruit saved freshpaper “I like fresh paper to keep veggies fresh” - afa(

Very easy to use! “These papers really keep a salad fresh for a week and produce for over 2 weeks. Easy to use.”  - Noeljo (

  Works great!  “Easy to use and works fantastically! No more veggies thrown out after a few days...great product!” - J. Maclachlan (

  They really do work!!  “I used to Have these on auto ship. They just stop coming! Fresh paper is a staple in our home. I put them in my produce drawers to keep my vegetables fresh longer. I also put them in my fruit bowls. They really do work!! Please bring auto ship back!” – NanaKimmie  (

Great product  “Does what it says” - Adeline hall (

  Works! “It really works! It kept the cilantro fresh for two weeks!” - Amazon Customer (

Freshpaper Food Sheets “Using these to keep celery fresh. Getting a few weeks before discarding. Working better than wrapping in paper towels in the container.” - Christie J. Walsh (

  Worthwhile purchase! “It kept my fruits and veggies fresh for longer than the anticipated time. I was surprised.” -Amazon Customer  (

A Must Have for Salad Lovers!  “This is a great product that I no longer can be without. We eat boxed greens daily, and these sheets keep everything fresh and crisp. Each sheet lasts through a few packages of greens before they lose the “maple” smell that tells you it’s time to toss.” - KathyB (

  Can't live without this product!!! “I have been using this product for a long time and love it. I buy all my fruits and veggies at Aldi's and immediately put a piece of the paper in my fridge drawers, baskets and salad containers so that they don't spoil and it WORKS!!” - Micheline Lavoie (

  Helps your greens last longer!! “Love it!! Helps produce last longer, specially if u put it on a prepackaged salad container, or a bag of spinach and the like.” - kiki m. (

it works and it smells great👍 “ -Amazon Customer(

Freashness  “These really work! “My veggies and fruit really do last longer.” - Marcella Stechow (

  This really works!!! “I cannot say enough about how great this product is! Being single, I was wasting way too much produce because I wasn't using it fast enough. Fresh Paper has changed all that. The money I save on food I no longer waste makes this product invaluable to me. I tell anyone who will listen all about it. I have even given sheets to family and friends to try. I expect each will be looking to order some for themselves.” - KayBay1096 (

Amazing! “If you start out with really fresh produce, this stuff works! Don't try to save waning produce. I'm amazed at how long my produce, both in the fridge and in bowls out of fridge, remain in perfect condition. This is definitely a winner for anyone who has a hard time using up the produce they buy before it's too late.” - capnjune (

It works! “I just wrote the review for their product for breads. I had doubts. Serious doubts. But I was tired of throwing out food that spoiled before I could get around to using it. Bottom line is, it works!” - Donna (

Works well “Works well” - TreadStone (

Definitely Recommend  “Was skeptical. But this really works. Extend fruit and vegetables freshness an additional 7-10 days” - Shirley S. (

Perfect for berries.  “I have just placed my second order. I have been using Freshpaper for almost 2 months. Yes it does work. I was shocked that I could reuse it as long as the paper was not stained and still had the smell of maple. I also ordered the large cheese paper. I have 2 test pieces of cheese which I wrapped almost 7 weeks ago and they are still perfect. My biggest surprise was berries. It really extends the life of raspberries.” -BK  (

Seems to work!  “I have been through a couple orders and it works! I cut the sheets for smaller or short-term uses( like mushrooms) and just keep in the crisper drawer for larger items. I have not noticed any carry over flavor or scent from sheets to veggies. I also put sheets or half sheets near pantry Vegs as a precautionary step.” - DownEaster (

Simple product, big results “Easy to use product that can help save lots of money and prevent waste. Excellent.” - lmmr (

These save waste!  “I am a senior and don't use produce as fast as I used to. These little sheets help keep fruits and veggies nice and fresh so I avoid so much waste. I love them and they are inexpensive--a worthwhile product.” - Cindy Williams (

it extends the freshness for fruit  “keping fruits, especially berries of all kinds, from spoiling quickly.” - Amazon Customer (

Natural way to preserve foods  “Great company and idea. It works great for us.” -Kurt P. (

inexpensive way to keep vegetables fresher longer.  “This item keeps vegetables fresh longer. I just pop one in the vegetable bin first of every month.” -Dotty (

Great product.  “Great product.” -ronheberling (

Does a good job of keeping my salads and fruits fresh longer. “Great! Good for salads and fruits.” -B. Grant (

Great product “These really work even though I didnt think they would. Worked well for grapes, blackberry. Rasberrys. Blueberry, peaches, bananas..will order more”  - ksarmstrong49 (

  amazing product, best way to preserve food!  “This is the most amazing product I have ever bought! I normally don't write reviews, but this one had to be shared with everyone! We went on vacation and I thought I would test the product by placing a portion of the sheet in an air tight container one filled with grapes and another with strawberries. We were out of town for two weeks, upon return I checked the fruit and to my amazement, the fruit was as fresh as when I purchased it! I could not believe how amazing and true to description this product is! I would definitely recommend this product.” - Mary P. (

Money saver  “This product works as described easy to use and fruit especially lettuce lasts for over a month been using for over a year.” - jazzy (

These Work Beautifully “I was amazed at how well these little papers work to preserve vegetables. I was expecting to be disappointed but was pleasantly suprised. They kept green beens fresh for weeks (when they normally get slimey after a few days). These papers are liberating. I can buy a lot of vegetables at once now and not worry that they'll go bad before I can eat them.” - B. Ashford (

They Really do work.  “To my surprise, they do work. I had an invasion of fruit Flys and I put one in my fruit bowl and the fruit stayed fresh.” - Cheryl2nd (

  want your expensive produce to last? Buy it! “Cut this apple on Sunday this is Tuesday ! It never turned brown! This paper is amazing!” -Jeff (

Better than expected  “I use these in my crisper drawers and in my box that I keep onions and potatoes in. Makes a significant difference in the amount of time they retain freshness. Especially for my organic produce which is always more susceptible. I would say it at least triples the days I can use it.” -Bobbie Martin (

 New staple “Received these as a gift and just re-purchased; with an extensive garden, these turned out to be indispensable for keeping our harvests fresh until we have a chance to eat or process our produce. We particularly use these to keep salad greens fresh.”  - Brie E (

this stuff is amazing  “really works!!” -jeanne (

It works  “This stuff really works.buying more” -Jay (

Very pleased! “These things really work!” - Serpinius (

Fresh Paper really works!  “I bought a large clamshell of fresh spinach from Costco and immediately put half a sheet of Fresh Paper inside when I got home. That spinach lasted 10 days! Usually I'm throwing away soggy spinach after a week but this was good and dry and fresh until the last leaf. I put a couple of squares in my produce drawer too and things simply last longer. Extend the life of your produce and buy Fresh Paper! :)” - Catherine T. (

Extend food from molding quickly  “I love these sheets I saw the science behind them on Henry fords innovation nation tv Showa d they work wonderfully. Preserve the longevity and freshness of food in the refrigerator drawers and berries!!!” - renee trivisonno (

Works as expected  “Item as described. Fast shipping. Would buy from again. Recommended to all.” - K. Park (


They Really Save Veggies & Money  “Love these so much I've ordered for friends.” -dls  (

Worthwhile product  “We tried "Freshpaper Food Saver" and it really works!” - Cecelia Culpepper (

Fresh paper works  “This really seems to do what it says. Veggies last longer. This is my second order. I’ve been using it 8 months”  - marjoriem (

Extends Veggies Life  “Awesome invention by a young female seeking an alternative to throwing away early spoiled food. This works great and is so easy to use. Just toss a sheet in your veggie drawer and that is it. Our produce actually lasted longer than the fruit, which isn't usual in our refrigerator. Great product.” - Amy T. Janota (

Freshness to the max  “Order a package along with the containers I saw in a you tube pantry refrigerator organization video to try. And I am so impressed that these will be in my reorder item list. It kept my diced onion fresh for over 2 weeks in the container. I ordered a set of containers that have little drain shelf and I put the paper under that to absorb the moisture.” – Yolanda (

 Freshpaper really works!  “I've been using it awhile now, and my produce is staying fresh so much longer! I love fresh produce, but sometimes I overbuy, or just don't use products as quickly as expected. I'm sure you can imagine how much wasted produce that is. (And gnats if you aren't careful!)
This has made such a huge difference in my life. It is well worth the cost, as you get several sheets, and you can tear/cut the sheets into pieces. For example, right now I have one beautiful cucumber sitting on a small piece (2 inch square) of Freshpaper, on the counter. I prefer to keep cukes out of the fridge. Without Freshpaper, this would have gotten soft a couple of days ago. It's still firm and lovely. The smell of the paper is maple, and my fridge and kitchen smell like maple. That's lovely.
I also ADORE the story of how this product came to be. I plan to try the paper for baked goods.” - J Lawrence (

 Fresh Paper Really Works!  “Fresh Paper has saved me a lot of money on fresh berries. Without it I would have to throw out a lot after only a couple of days even though I put them in the refrigerator as soon as I got them home from the grocers. I did have to cover the berries entirely with the paper (which lasts at least a month).” - Jay E. Levy (

They Really Work  “Dubious at first but gave them a try & they really do work. Happy repeat purchaser.” - Voracious Reader (

 WORKS! For real!  “These are great! We do a lot of meal prepping and have a lot of fresh ingredients on hand and these work wonders”  Richard P. (

It does work!!!  “I bought these sheets after seeing a program on the developer of the product. I have had them in my crispers for over three weeks and they seem to be doing the job!!! Everything is staying fresher longer!!!” - Sue Alex (

Keeps veggies fresh longer.  “Great for keeping veggies fresh longer in the fridge.” - Jane Frost

These are Great!  “Keeps produce fresh - best item for your crisper so you don't waste food or money.” -Deborah D. (

Amazing Product  “LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Use it all the time! Special note, I do cut the sheets and strips! Still works! Sent two packages to my daughter in Japan.” - wesley owens (

Impressive “Wasting fresh fruit has been a problem because the good ones are very fragile; i.e., strawberries and raspberries. Also, some vegetables. When I saw this on Shark Tank, I knew I had to try it. It works--not that you can leave the fruit an unreasonable length of time, but the sheets extend the days that the fruit will last. Remember, don't wash the produce until you're ready to use it. It may seem like $10 is too much to pay for some sheets of paper, but it's worth it to keep things edible for a longer time.” - Donna from CA (

 A new awesome discovery  “Good to have if you do not eat up your fruits & veggies quickly. I even cut the sheets in half when storing smaller amounts and the sheets worked well to keep my fruit/vegetables fresh.” -Amazon Customer (

They work!  “These indeed work to keep my veggies and fruit fresh longer. They get mildews after a few weeks and need replacing. They do smell like maple syrup.” - Soccer Mom (

 Works great  “Works well .” - C. Belcherbrickell (

Really works!!!  “These really keep my vegetales and spinach fresh. I put one right on top of my spinach (16oz spinach container). And it keeps for over a week. Even the very bottom of the container is still fresh. Will purchase again!!!” - mick04u (

it is as advertised. “Used it to keep fresh fruit edible a lot longer is great with berries” – avidreader (

Works great  “Good product” - David Cobb (

Unbellievable “Using these really adds days on to vegetable life. I think my sunflower sprouts lasted a week longer than they would have otherwise. All the skeptics I introduced to these were amazed. Great product.” - Barbara S. (

Really works!  “Helps preserve vegetables in the crisper.” – ZzieZou (

It works! “I keep a sheet in the chiller drawer in the fridge and have noticed general increased longevity of the fruits and vegetables in the drawer. It kept strawberries good for a week, none went bad!” -vw (

Works  “These kept raspberries fresh for 2 weeks” -Amazon Customer   (

I use these for all my produce storage spots  “I go through plenty of these — but they work (!) and I love the passion behind the purpose. I stash them in my fridge drawers, fruit basket, kids lunch boxes, and in the pantry. My produce lasts longer, noticeably fresher, avoids mold and gives me more peace of mind! :)” - L IN LA (

Great  “Freshness” - T P (

 each sheet is good for one month  “i ordered one package just to try it out i love bananas but stopped buying them because had problems with fruit flies well i put one sheet between a bunch of bananas to my surprise not one fly of course the bananas still ripened pretty fast but no flies thats a big plus will order more” - linda Merrill (

  Actually work!  “Was a little skeptical but decided to try these after seeing a program about the young inventor on PBS. Had not been buying bananas in the summer as they would ripen too fast and turn black in less than a week, but put a sheet under them with this product and they keep their color and firmness for the whole week. A sheet in with lettuce box seems to keep it fresher, too. We will keep using them....” – Psorcon (