FRESHPAPER Cheese-Saver Wraps


Reusable and Sustainable Wraps That Actively Keep Cheese Fresh

Tired of throwing away cheese that doesn't stay fresh? FreshPaper Cheese Saver Wraps are the natural and simple solution. Infused with organic botanicals proven to keep food fresh for longer, these sheets are designed to wrap around hard and semi-soft cheeses to help keep them fresher longer. They're a food-safe way to help your family's favorite snack go the distance. Your family will thank you, you'll save money, and reduce costly food waste in your own kitchen!

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Each Pack Contains 8 Reusable 9.5"x12" Wraps

  • Environmentally sustainable alternative to plastic
  • BPA-Free, plastic-free and eco-friendly 
  • Patented and made in the USA
  • The ONLY wrap that actively keeps cheese fresher, longer
  • Each sheet is reusable for 30 days
  • Powered by the same patented formula as award-winning FreshPaper
  • Saves money by reducing food waste

FreshPaper is a patented & award-winning innovation that has been featured by The New York Times, The Washington PostCNN, NPR, The Today Show, Real Simple, Oprah, Mother Nature Network, and Forbes since its launch at a farmer's market. FreshPaper was recently awarded the biennial INDEX: Design to Improve Life Award, the World's Largest Prize in Design (previously awarded to Tesla and Apple!)

How was FreshPaper invented? Watch the remarkable story of the young woman who brought this idea to the world in a short film by Hollywood director Bryce Dallas Howard: INSPIRED - The FreshPaper Story.

"Never doubt that a small group of committed ​people can change the world. ​​Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."​ -Margaret Mead​​​

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