FRESHWRAP: Natural & Reusable Food-Saver Wraps


Reusable and Sustainable Food Wrap

Goodbye, yucky single-use plastic wrap! FreshWraps are reusable, breathable and all-natural - made from cotton and beeswax. And, FreshWraps are infused with organic botanicals proven to keep food fresh for longer!

Wrap and save unused portions of fresh produce, bread, or cheese. Only need half a cucumber? Wrap the rest with a FreshWrap and toss in the fridge! Cover and store bowls of leftovers (without needing to transfer to a new container). Wrap snacks and sandwiches for on-the-go.

FreshWraps can conform to any shape and are gently self-adhesive. To clean, wash with cool water and dish soap, and air dry. FreshWraps can be reused for up to a year! 


TWO Medium 10”x10” Wraps

THREE Wrap Variety Set 7"x7", 10"x10", 13"x14"

TWO Large 13"x14" Wraps

ONE Extra Large 17"x23" Wrap

60 Day Guarantee | FREE SHIPPING for orders $35.00 and over


  • Environmentally sustainable alternative to plastic
  • BPA-Free, plastic-free and eco-friendly 
  • Patented and made in the USA
  • The ONLY food wrap that actively keeps food fresher, longer
  • Powered by the same patented formula as award-winning FreshPaper
  • Saves money by reducing food waste
Best Reusable Food Wrap on the Market!  "There is a very slight spice smell to the wraps but it’s pleasant and doesn’t mingle I to the food. Super easy to use, just wrap the bowl or food item and let your hand warmth secure the wrap. I’ve rinsed it and reused it several times already without any breakdown. Comes with two small wraps in the box, very quick shipping! I love that I’m supporting a women STEM project, being an advocate for the environment AND helping my wallet by reducing food waste! A must buy!" -MS Gates (
  Amazing! Everyone should use Freshwraps!! "This is an avocado that I sliced 2 days ago. Two! I don’t know about you, but even with the most air-tight covering (e.g. Saran Wrap pressed against the fruit) avocados usually brown in a couple of hours. Not only does the avocado look good, it was still the right amount of firmness and totally fresh in my salad.
I have also been using Freshpaper with our cut fruits and veggies with equal success but it’s more difficult to capture the impact with a photo. Both are easy to use and can be reused multiple times.
If a picture is with a thousand words, this picture only requires three: Buy Freshwraps NOW!" - Karen Davidson (
Perfect Combo Wax-Wrap and FreshPaper!  "I LOVE the combination of the wax wrap with Fresh paper! Gives the wrap the extra benefit and edge over anything else.....just PLEASE make it in a larger size (to cover my big bowls)!!" -C Hersh (
Favorite Food Wrapper  "This is the best beeswax wrap that I have tried and I just ordered more. Smell is lovely, great pliability. I have used Fresh Paper food saver sheets for years to keep produce fresh, excited to see them add this new product. Please make in larger sizes soon!" -TSD (
 This Keeps Avocados Fresh!   "I enjoy avocados but often only eat a quarter of one. I used to wrap the remainder in plastic wrap but no matter what I did, even adding lemon juice, the remaining pieces would always quickly begin to go off. Freshwrap keeps the remaining avocado truly fresh for days after initially slicing them. The top has a bit of a brownish hue but that is purely on top - the insides are fresh and green and taste wonderful. I bet if I used a bit of lemon juice, it would keep the tops green also.
I also use them to cover containers I've lost the tops to - works really well - best of all I'm not constantly throwing away plastic wrap." - Dolores M Galen Kloepfel (
Can't believe how useful these are!  "I've tried several wax wraps, and can't believe how much easier these are to use! They're so pliable, and do a great job wrapping cheese, open bowls, half-used onions and peppers - and really help keep leftovers fresher longer! I love the FreshPaper sheets, but these are functional in a different way - I haven't used ANY plastic wrap since I found FRESHWRAPS!" -CE Davis (
Worth It - Less Plastic "Don’t have to feel guilty using since it’s not plastic. Would recommend." - Aref KN (
 Love these wraps  “Living in Hawaii everything spoils so quickly - i started using these to cover half-used vegetables and really think it helps them stay fresh. Trying to be more green and use less plastic - i think these wraps are a great answer!”  -LSinHi (
 Really functional  “I’m surprised by how helpful these wraps are. I saw the reviews asking for bigger sizes so I was glad to find the set with a larger size in it. It goes on my bigger mixing bowls and is a great cover for leftover salads. the other size works really well as a sandwich wrapper.” - Wagsmom (
 Lots of different uses “Cant’ ever seem to find tops that fit my containers (why do they disappear?) so I use too much plastic wrap. I had used the freshpapers for vegetables after a friend introduced me to them and was so intrigued by the new wax wraps. I’m so happy with them so far - I love using them to keep cheese fresh especially, but also to cover all my leftover containers. Recommend!” -MaddieeM (
 Helpful with leftover lemons and sauces  "This has been really helpful for me with half fruits and other cooking leftovers. I often end up with smaller amounts of sauces/dressings or canned tomatoes, etc. that I want to use the next day or so. I like using these to cover a small bowl. It's also been useful for me for a portion of a melon or citrus (we add lemons to our water daily). I've never liked using plastic wrap and increasingly concerned with plastics these days and this is a good alternative. Anything to help reduce waste has been ever more important for our family!" -Mary Claire (

 Love it! "Works great! I love not having to use plastic wrap or foil." -JCM (
 Amazing Product!  "I adore this product. No more wrapping the leftover half of an onion or lemon or lime in plastic wrap. Fresh wrap keeps them so much fresher in the fridge - can't believe the difference. And no more little pieces of plastic wrap going into my trash can. It's so easy to rinse and dries so quickly, ready for its next use. The Fresh Paper company continues to create innovative, high quality products that preserve our food in a natural way!" -Amazon Customer (
So fresh! "So far I've used it on avocados and lemons because those are two foods that always seem to go bad quickly. Both are still as fresh as when I wrapped them in the Freshglow Freshwrap beeswax food wrap. I bought 2 of the 10"x10" wraps to try them out. I'm so pleased with the results I'm going to buy more." - Lynda C. (
Great  "Love this product! Keeps my food fresher, longer!" - regina weber (
 Freshwrap  "Love it, they seem to work pretty good." - Sue Eveland  (
Good Product  "This product works very well. It conforms easily to the container you're covering or the item you're wrapping. When you're done, it's easy to rinse off, dry, and re-use. Nice to help the environment with less plastic waste. We've re-used ours a number of times with no residual odor. Nice product!"  -seagull  (
these are very useful and do the job! "We wrap fruits and vegetables in them, and they keep very well. They are re-usable, thus eliminated overuse of plastics..."  -Gene C. Bammel (
Interesting alternative to plastic wrap  "We use a lot of plastic wrap, particularly for things like half-used onions or other vegetables. I got these wraps to try to cut down on the use of so much plastic wrap. They work pretty well, particularly for onions and peppers. Not so good with avocadoes unless I treat the cut side with lemon juice first to prevent browning--but that's okay since I normally do that anyway. They are kind of a pain to wash gently between uses but it's not too bad and it's nice that they are reusable. I do have to remember not to use hot water though to keep them at their best and not melt away the beeswax. When I "squish them together" over something like an onion, they seem to hold their position/shape pretty well thanks to the beeswax. They are an interesting alternative to plastic wrap."   -Amy Goebel Padgett (
Less waste and easy to clean. "Great idea to keep less stuff out of the landfill. I have used this twice and was surprised how fresh it kept my baked chicken. Also it is super easy to clean and dry. Definitely would get more and I’ve told my friends about it too."  -Pamela Barrett (
avocados stay good longer!  "I tried it with avocados and they stay at least four days good in the refrigerator. Make sure the wrap touch the fruit! No air in between! What make me disappointed: It is very expensive but I guess the work of the bees is worthy!" - MARISOL (
 Does Just What it Says it Does  "Its a little expensive but has saved many organic vegetables." - Deborah (