FRESHPAPER for Produce


The Perfect Gift for Anyone Who Eats!  

We've spent years perfecting these incredible produce saver sheets to help you eat fresh, get fit & save money. FreshPaper sheets are infused with organic botanicals that keep fruits & veggies fresh for up to 2-4x longer. Drop a sheet of plastic-free FreshPaper anywhere you keep fruits & veggies...your refrigerator crisper drawer, fruit bowl, carton of berries, or bag of greens.

60-Day Supply | Free Shipping | 100-Day Guarantee

8 sheets = approximately 2-month supply. Saves up to $50 per pack. (Pays for itself in one week!)

Made in the USA with organic spices. Biodegradable, compostable, & recyclable.

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Produce saver works! This is almost too good to be true - but it WORKS!
"I turn almost everything fresh into Penicillin in my fridge. I don't mean to and I always feel bad about it, but I just don't get to my fruits and veggies fast enough. I found this product and wasn't sure if it would do the trick in helping me preserve my groceries. I was going to just start vacuum sealing my (almost) gone produce, but who really has time for that and this was such a cheap solution if it worked. Well, I am here to say that it definitely works and I definitely get A LOT more time to use the stuff I was rotting before. I use it two ways - underneath a tray of strawberries I always get at Costco (and they don't grow hair or any kind of fuzz because of it), and also in the fridge drawers. One sheet usually lasts about 3 or 4 weeks, maybe longer if I forget to change it, but it is DEFINITELY buying me time to not waste food."
- JLee (

Brilliant idea, impressive and inspiring invention - and inventor
“The chemical industry surely doesn't share this young woman's ideas and intentions, but the product is long overdue
 and its purely natural ingredient composition is outstandingly effective. The Fresh Paper actually works as claimed!
I've already saved a lot of food that used to go bad and would need to be composted, so really love the product. Have even taken the time to recommend it to all my friends and nutritionally-oriented contacts.”

They Work!
“Got mine based on other reviews & immediately put them under my new container of raspberries. I hate to admit how many of them I have thrown away because I didn't get to them soon enough! Well,5 days later they looked & tasted like fresh picked! This week at the grocery store they had strawberries,buy 1 get 2 free,& I got them because I knew these sheets would keep them fresh much longer. They are awesome!”
-gilbertsmom2, MA (

What Sorcery is This?
“I literally stopped buying fresh fruit & veggies because I was tired of them going bad before I even gotten around to them. So glad I saw a streaming tv commercial about this product. wow. I’m shocked that they actually work. I put a full sheet in with my bowl of tangerines. 3 weeks later they were as perfect as the day I bought them. I put HALF a sheet in with a box of lettuce. 2 weeks later, almost every leaf is still perfect. I put a quarter sheet on the side of a small container with some CUT cucumbers in it. A week later they were all still as fresh as the day I cut them. I don’t know what sorcery this is but I’m so glad I tried it for myself.”
-Nisey, Philadelphia, PA (

Used it and LOVE IT!
“I have used FreshPaper in home, keeping my salad greens fresh. I always put some in the spinach bag to keep it fresh to the end! 
I am also a fresh fruit producer and I am putting FreshPaper in all of my fig containers as I pack them for retail sales at a major store chain. I will be able to be confident that my product will have a good shelf life and ensure consumer satisfaction. I highly recommend this product to everyone I meet. Thanks!”
-Cynthia (

I am very happy
“I am very happy with the FreshPaper. It has helped me save money on my fruits and vegetables. Awesome!! “
-Karen K (

Berry Good Product
“It works exactly as described and is great with saving berries, tomatoes, vegetables etc. I have reused the sheets and cut them to size for smaller berry containers. We were so impressed that the blueberries were still rolling around the container after several days.”
Los Alamitos, CA (

Great Veggie Saver!
“This definitly extends the life of my veggies. I just write the date on it with a marker so I remember when to change the sheet out. “
-Wynne (

Seems to keep my veggies really fresh!
“I belong to a CSA and it's hard to eat my piles of veggies up as quickly as I need to! I got these as my subscriber gift so I put them to the test and they do seem to work! My lettuce and greens stay crisp over a week. I'll definitely keep using this product.”
-Deanna (
It Really Works
“I was a skeptic when I saw Rachael Ray mention this on her show. I decided to try it and was pleasantly surprised that it really does work. No more yukky lettuce in those plastic boxes. It also has been doing a great job on my blue berries. “

Unseal fruits and veggies from sealed plastic
“Works like a charm! Helps my produce stay fresh longer... tip: take produce out of any “sealed” packaging where air cannot penetrate and also place apples, oranges, grapes into separate open containers if possible and put 1/2 to full sheet in each open container. If all in a vegetable bin, place sheet in with produce and fruits.”
-Linda M. Coffey
Oklahoma City, OK

Great Product
“It actually works as publicized. I bought 2 bags of romaine lettuce. Put each in a crisper, 2 different refrigerators. One of them had the food saver sheet, the other didn't. the one with the food saver sheet kept the lettuce for another 2 weeks.”
-Keys Kritter

Saved me from worrying so much! Thank you!!
“THEY WORK! I absolutely love these. I buy a ton of produce for myself and my kids regularly, so when I came across these I was thrilled. Although we go through our produce fairly quickly, I always get so anxious worrying about it going to waste because we didn’t eat or cook it soon enough. It makes me physically sick to throw food in the trash being that we have 2 kids and are on a budget, but I refuse to buy a bunch of processed junk that has a shelf life of 10 years. These have saved me from worrying so much about waste! We can actually enjoy our food and Mommy can relax lol Big plus that they’re made in the USA as well 🇺🇸”
-Kirsten Livingston