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"Best kitchen product ever!" -Farrah

FRESHPAPER sheets keep breads & baked goods fresh for up to 2-4x longer, naturally!

Just drop a sheet of our award-winning FRESHPAPER bread saver anywhere you keep baked goods (in or out of the fridge). Great for bagels, cookies, muffins, rolls, bread (especially fresh-from-the-bakery & homemade breads!) 

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8 sheets = approximately 2 month's supply. Saves up to $50 per pack. (Pays for itself in two weeks!)

Made in the USA with organic spices. Biodegradable, compostable, & recyclable.

So Easy To Use:

Really works!

“I initially saw these, and the inventor, on a TV show "Innovation Nation". We were always tossing out moldy bread, because there is only 2 of us and the bread would go bad in a short period of time. We would have to put the bread in the refrigerator to avoid spoilage. I don't like refrigerated bread, it always "stales" the bread. I used the Freshpaper Food Saver and I have to say, I am impressed. For the first time, we got through an entire loaf of bread, without having to refrigerate the loaf.”-Hatties Mom, Virginia (

Really works
“I make organic bread for sandwiches in my bread machine, and this really does keep it soft and fresh. The sheets have a maple scent, but this does not affect the taste of the bread at all. I'll definitely be purchasing again.” -Sunshine (

Keep it Fresh!
“Love these papers. I make a lot of bread, and was running into freshness issues periodically if we didn't eat the bread within 3 days. I have yet to have a loaf go bad since we started throwing these into our bread box. I plan to keep these coming to help preserve my baking efforts.” -Dustin Grime, Columbus, OH (

It keeps the bread soft and prevents it from being spoiled early. highly recommended! 
‘love this product! I am using this for all my bread products going forward. It keeps the bread soft and prevents it from being spoiled early. highly recommended!” -DC Manor (

Bread stays fresh!
“I make brioche (dough in bread machine) fairy often. Last time I made it, I had just received these “papers”. I’m not sure what they do, but the bread stayed more fresh!”
-Kh808 (

Works Perfectly “Keeps my home made bread FRESH the entire loaf (which is about a week)! I'm still using the first sheet and it's been about a month.... Still has the maple syrup smell that says it's working.” -Eliz (

These Sheets Really WorkI have tried many products to keep my food fresh. These work amazingly well. I am ordering the sheets for keeping produce fresh and hope they work as well as these for breads and baked goods.” -emptynester (

 Customer Forever!I have been using this product and fresh paper for produce for 5 years. They are exceptional for maintaining freshness!” -Amazon Customer (

Works WellI am doing more bread baking and this works nicely. But I also use it for store bought bread and it works equally well.” -P.Payne (

 It Works!It really works! I get to keep my bake goods fresh longer.” -Serena Lok (

 Money Saving Essential! “There is a slight smell from the product that translates onto baked goods, but it does not keep you from enjoying your food. It has SAVED THE DAY, not to mention money, bu keeping products fresh MUCH LONGER! I have these for produce as well! Just wish they would make a dairy version for cheeses! Hint, hint.” -T. Strohm (

 BEST INVENTION SINCE SLICED BREAD, REALLY!I was very hesitant to purchase these as I have button things before I won’t mention names however the containers the bags they don’t work. These papers are the most amazing invention I’ve ever seen. I buy muffins at Costco and you know you have to buy 12 well only one person in my family eats them and so before you’re done with the first one the other ones already hard and gone bad. We’ll just stick a shade of the paper in there and it lasted the whole month and I mean as fresh as it was the day I bought it. I also bought the vegetable and fruit one and it literally kept my salary as crisp as it was the day I bought it like 40 days later it was still Chris my carrots were not wilted, my artichokes were even like brand new I even thought I would stick it in a bag of potatoes because I’ll never go through that bag before they start to get soft in those little I don’t even know what you call them a little sprout he things I kid you not it’s been five weeks and they’re still hard and there’s no little sprouting things they’re amazing I can’t say enough. This will truly be the best investment you spend your money on and will save so much money in the long run I only hope they invent one for deli meats and cheeses because I buy a lot of that and they only stay good for 3-4 days it would be nice to have one that lasted seven or eight so by and try it you have nothing to lose.” - Rena Cienfuegos (

  So Far, I Am PleasedWe live in a rural area and have to store groceries. I would always run out of fresh veggies and fruit. So far, it appears the Fresh Paper is helping to preserve the fresh veggies, and I recently got Fresh Paper for bread. I recommend it at this time, however, when I've used it longer, I will update the review.” – Lenora (

 These Really Do Work!I had ordered some of these back in 2018 and then misplaced them! When I bought some loaves of bread and a pound cake for my pandemic supplies I was concerned about the bread becoming moldy before my household of two could consume it all. Then I remembered these Fresh Paper sheets and found them. I put one sheet into each bag and resealed the bag. I’m two weeks into our stay at home and just opened the second bag. To my delight, there’s no mold but even better the bread is still soft, no stale stiffness, and I’m expecting all four to be still fresh after a month! I’m delighted!” -D. Petty (

 Works like a charm! “I love keeping my bread on the counter but it will mold within 2-3 days in my apartment. If I tuck one of these in the breadbox (very important that it actually touches the bread!) my bread stays fresh and un-moldy for weeks. The only times that it hasn't worked have been the times it didn't touch the bread, so make sure there is physical contact and be prepared to have fresh, soft bread days or even weeks after purchase! -LC (

 Natural PreservativeI add a half sheet inside the package of each sourdough loaf I sell. MY customers are pleased with how they work.” -Doughp Creations (

 Best thing since sliced bread (pun intended) “I had serious doubts. But I thought, what the heck, I could toss them out with the spoiled food if they didn’t work. Boy oh boy was I surprised. They work!” -Donna (

 These really work!I don't eat bread often, so these sheets were really helpful. I could keep the bread on the counter for 3 weeks with no mold! The bread stayed fresh and flavorful.” -doc48 (

 Really, really work!Have used fresh paper both for produce and bread for many years now. Usually get it off of QVC. I think it's the best product there is with regard to keeping produce and baked goods lasting longer. I have tried all the green boxes, green bags, Etc. But none of them really work. Fresh paper is fantastic. I would advise anyone especially who may be single and living alone such as myself and needs to try to keep baked goods lasting longer because they don't get eaten up as quick to try the product. -harry (

 Plain & simple - THIS WORKS! “I'm not a big bread eater so I always got mold on the bread before I could finish the loaf. I don't care for refrigerated bread or the fact that the loaf takes a chunk of real estate in the fridge. This product actually works and extends the loaf life beyond 2-3 weeks.” -S Moose (

 Great Product “Have used this product for 2 years bought from different source that no longer carries it. Extends freshness of bread and has saved money and stopped waste of moldy bread.” - Barbara Aigaki (

 I have been buying these for years  “I love these bread papers! I have been buying these foe years now. There is only my husband and myself and we don't eat a lot of bread. It was distressing when I reached for the bread to make toast and it was moldy. These papers have made all the difference . Now my bread lasts weeks after the sell by date. Not only isn't it moldy but it feels fresh. I never throw bread or buns away now. I wish they were a little less expensive but the money I save does make it worth it.” -Pokijo (

 Great product. Job well done!  “So far I absolutely love these! I originally bought them on QVC and 1 pack of 8 were the set of 4. So I bought just the bread ones on Amazon. So glad I did. I will be buying more as I need them! Great product! Good job!” -Loni (

FRESH baked goods!!!  Works great!! -AnnieG (

Great in a desert!  “Bagels, Kirkland ciabatta rolls, Dave's Killer Bread, plain old white and wheat bread, cookies, oh my goodness, cookies. 1-2 weeks and still going strong. In a tightly closed plastic box my cookies became MORE moist over a week. In bread bags, bread items were good for 1 1/2 weeks. I added a new sheet of FreshPaper to them and am keeping track of how much longer they will go before they start to dry out. All items are kept in cupboard at 78 degrees F. I even thawed some rolls that I had frozen and placed paper in their package, tightly sealed, and within one day they were like fresh, never frozen. In the past frozen breads have been slightly dry after thawing. Next I'm going to try these with homemade quickbreads.” -Utah Susie (

Yeah, soft bread! -Amazon customer (

Works exactly as promised -Amazon customer (

Freshness “It really helps to save the bread for longer time! I start using this product last year receiving as a gift from my friend and now ordered it again.” Larysa (