Power FreshPlan - Pick Any 2 FRESHPAPER products!

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Healthy eating starts here! Fill your FreshPlan Subscription Box with any two of our award-winning FRESHPAPER products -- Produce, Bread, Cheese -- for delivery right to your home. Change your Box selections anytime!

FRESHPAPER for Produce: You know that sinking feeling when you discover fuzzy strawberries or soggy spinach in the back of your fridge? No more! Just drop a sheet of our award-winning produce saver anywhere you keep fruits & veggies (in or out of the fridge) to keep produce fresh for up to 2-4x longer, naturally!

FRESHPAPER for Bread: Tired of moldy bread and inedible bagels? Don't like eating bread loaded with preservatives? We've got you covered - just drop one sheet of FRESHPAPER for Bread anywhere you store baked goods to keep them fresher for longer, naturally! Great for bagels, cookies, muffins, roll, bread (especially fresh-from-the-bakery & homemade breads!)

FRESHPAPER for Cheese: Don't even get us started on re-wrapping cheese in the gross plastic wrap it came in from the store. Thank goodness for FRESHPAPER for Cheese. Inspired by European cheese paper wraps (ooh la la!) and infused with our proprietary blend of active botanicals, FRESHPAPER for Cheese will keep your cheese fresh for longer.

Fresh Made Simple:

1. Choose your FreshPlan Subscription Box frequency (delivered monthly, bimonthly, or once every three months).

2. Click the "Select Choices" button to fill your box.

3. Select how many packs of each type of FRESHPAPER (Produce, Bread, or Cheese) you'd like to receive. For instance, you can choose two Produce packs or one Produce and one Bread.

4. Click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button at the top right to finish your transaction.